Jobs for Felons in Alabama

There is simply no denying that being a felon is hard. Just having the world attached to your resume will have many employers turning and running in the other direction. Unfortunately, this seems to be a very common thing in Alabama. It seems kind of unfair that you have to disclose this type of information, especially if you have changed your ways and are on the straight and narrow.

Finding Employment As A Felon In Alabama

How’s one supposed to get ahead if they can’t even get hired on somewhere? Luckily, there are still some employers out there in the area that are more than willing to hire felons. That’s exactly what you are going to learn about here, but it should be noted that every company listed here is different. They will all hire felons, but the exact policies and expectations are probably going to vary slightly.

Building Ships

Do you like the open water? Do you have a thing for ships, engineering, or just working with your hands? Whether this is the case or not, you can take advantage of several shipbuilding jobs in the greater Alabama area. There are many independent shipbuilders and companies in the area that are willing to hire felons.

That being said, there are two factors that could determine whether or not you get the job. And, these would be – the time since your conviction and what exactly you were convicted for. That aside, these are without a doubt some of the highest paying jobs in Alabama for felons. Most of the positions start out at right around $15.00 or more.

Another thing to be noted is that most of these positions are located in Mobile, AL, given that it is just right off the coast. In fact, these jobs are pretty abundant in and around the coastal areas. Austal is probably one of the biggest employers in the entire shipbuilding industry and they are always looking to hire skilled or unskilled laborers.

If you have welding, pipe fitting, rigging, electronics, or laborer experience, you are going to raise your chances of procuring a job in the industry.

Truck Driving Jobs

In the state of Alabama, you can easily find a number of trucking companies that are more than willing to take on felons. Like being on the open road? Want to get out there and experience the world in a different way? That’s exactly what you can do with one of these jobs.

Of course, you’ll need a CDL license or at least possess the ability to acquire one. If you fall into this category, you could nearly make as much as $1,000 a week plus excellent benefits. For more information about becoming a truck driver in Alabama, you should check out this link.

Maintenance For The Railroad

There is a company by the name of Loram that hires people to maintain railroads all up and down the state of Alabama, including felons and ex-felons. They are a rather large company and always looking to take on employees. They are also one of the better-paying companies in the area, as it is said that you could potentially start out making as much as $15 to $16 an hour.

There will be a lot of traveling and time away from the family, but Loram is more than willing to compensate you with fair pay and very rewarding career opportunities. You’ll have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and work your way through the ranks.

Disposing Of Hazardous Waste

Stericycle is a special medical waste disposal company located in Alabama. They do handle all different types of hazardous waste materials, but it is the medical waste that they specialize in. This is what you’ll likely be dealing with if you get hired at Stericycle. They are not only a large company, but they are successful in their own right.

With competitive pay and some of the best benefits in the industry, you won’t have a hard time turning this job into a lifelong career. If your felony is over three years old this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Companies Where Felons Can Get Jobs in AL

Below, you are going to find a list of companies in Alabama that are willing to hire felons. If you click on the company link, you’ll be directed to their official website, where you can apply directly for the positions that you are interested in.

Just remember that the time since your conviction as well as the type of crime that you were convicted for will play a major role here. Not only this, but you also have to remember that there are some positions within these companies that are just not open to felons or ex-felons.

The Retail Industry

Goodwill is a highly known company and they are very felon friendly. Along with this, they have positions available statewide in the event that you are interested in relocating.

Any felon will be more than glad to learn that the retail giant Target has made some changes to its policies. They have now just recently started hiring felons as well as made recent changes to their strict “ban the box” policy. Positions within this company are also available statewide.

While the exact policy is unknown and not clear on its website, Walmart is more than willing to hire older felons, depending on location.

If your felony is not related to a violent crime or theft, you might be able to get hired on with the well-known company, Sears.

Labor & Manufacturing Jobs

Here is a list of labor and manufacturing companies that are willing to hire felons and ex-felons. Their requirements for employment will also be listed alongside the company.

If your conviction is three years or older, you might be able to get hired on with the medical waste company, Stericycle.

Get a job maintaining railroads throughout the state of Alabama with the Loram company if your conviction is seven years or older.

Austal is a bit more particular, as they require no felony convictions of Drug crimes within three years from disposition date, no felony convictions of theft/deception, or no violent crimes within seven years, but they are a shipbuilding company located on the gulf and are always hiring.

Comcar Industries INC is currently hiring in Bridgeport, Al if your felony is older than 10 years

Russell Brands is without a doubt one of the largest employers in Alabama who are always looking to take on felons and ex-felons.

The Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is always in need of employees as well. You can learn more about becoming a truck driver with a felony record by visiting this site.

If you have a CDL and a felony that is older than 5 years, you can get a job with Equity Transportation.

With Southern Refrigerated Transport, all felonies are reviewed on a case-to-case basis, but you must have a CDL license already.

Salmon Companies is located in Birmingham, AL, and is willing to offer jobs to felons if their conviction isn’t DUI or DWI related. You must also possess a CDL.

With no misdemeanors or felonies in the past 10 years, you might be able to get hired on with eTruckBiz out of Birmingham. The contract with FedEx and deliver packages all through the area.

Staffing & Temp Agencies

Staffing & temp agencies are always also looking to bring on felons. Here is even a nationwide list of potential employment for anyone interested in leaving the state.

Elite Staffing has some positions open to felons throughout the entire region of Alabama.

Aerotek also has some positions open to felons throughout the entire state.

Temp Force is located in Anniston and has sister companies in Pell City, Sylacauga, and Lineville/Wadley. They are always looking to bring on felons and ex-felons.

Other Potential Jobs

Here is a list of other potential jobs in the area as well as the requirements.

If you can currently pass a background and drug check and your felony is older than 10 years and you don’t have any DUI charges within the last 4 years, you can apply for a position at Tilson Technology Management.

Salvation Army is located statewide and a highly known felon-friendly employer.

Avon might not be for everyone, but they are worth mentioning and looking into if you are in need of employment.

The uniform production and delivery company Cintas is currently hiring felons as long as the convictions are older than seven years.

Healthcare Employment

Fortunately, these are not the only industries looking to take on felons. There are even some healthcare positions available in Alabama for the right felons.

SpectraCare Health System, INC is currently hiring for a prevention presenter as well as some other positions. If you are currently drug/alcohol-free and don’t have any felonies in the past 3 years, you can apply at their official website.

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