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Jobs For Felons In Arizona

Arizona might be recognized as desert land by many, but it is truly one of the best places to live in the United States. This is especially true if you are a felon or ex-felon.

Not only will there be plenty of lands for you to choose from where you can live out your days in peace and quiet, but there will be plenty of equal employment opportunities. On this page, you’ll find information about jobs for felons and ex-felons in the Arizona area.

Just keep in mind that while every company mentioned here is an equal employment employer, they may vary in their requirements depending on location and the position that you are applying for. Not only will you learn about equal employment opportunities on this page, but you’ll also learn about some excellent felon-friendly employers located in the state.

Cab Jobs

Like exploring cities and towns? Seeing everything that each has to offer? Maybe you like chatting with diverse groups of people and spending time with strangers. Whatever the situation is if these sounds like things that appeal to you then you might just be suited for the cab industry.

Both Discount Cab and Yellow Cab are offering jobs to felons in Arizona. And, the best part about driving a cab is that it really is clean work. Not only this, but you don’t have to constantly worry about someone looking over your shoulder. You’ll virtually be your own boss working on your time. Plus, the cash tips won’t hurt either.


You’ve likely heard of the Cintas company. If you’ve ever worked in a factory or manufacturing setting, you’ve likely worn one of their uniforms or seen them stop by the site and deliver. Well, this is what they do. They are without a doubt the premier company when it comes to company uniforms.

They are a large employer that specializes in the delivery, cleaning, and supplementation of uniforms for a wide variety of clients. The best part is that they are fairly felon-friendly. In fact, you can apply and will be granted employment for most positions offered by the company, as long as your conviction is seven years or older.

On top of all of this, there is always room for improvement and advancement in the company. With advancement through the ranks will come recognition and pay raises. Keep in mind that there really are several different career paths that can be followed through Cintas.

You can go into everything from sales to operations or even services. There are even corporate positions available for felons and ex-felons so do not automatically discount yourself from anything.


If you’ve heard of Cintas then you’ve no doubt heard of Sears as well. Unfortunately, you’ve probably been hearing bad things, given that the company has already shut down several of its locations in Arizona. Well, you’ll be glad to know that they are getting a leg back up in the market.

And, this is because they are such a diverse company. They don’t just rely on retail sales alone, but they offer everything from automotive repairs to in-store sales and home installations. You can make a good living while having a chance to sail through the ranks of the company.

All that being said, it will only be felons with non-violent convictions that will be considered for positions. If your conviction is violent, you are going to be disqualified from any position within the company. They also offer good benefits including health and life insurance along with competitive pay and employee discounts.

Companies That Hire Felons In Arizona

Arizona not only has a number of private and personal companies that are willing to hire felons, but they have some major corporations and organizations that are willing to bring them on as well. These are some of the companies that you are going to learn about below.

All you’ll have to do is click on the company’s name when it appears and you’ll be directed to their career website, where you can apply for employment directly. Just do keep in mind that the type of conviction along with the date of the conviction is going to play the biggest role in your success.

Another thing to note is that not all positions are open for felons. While it is possible for felons to get corporate and managerial positions, it is usually much harder with some companies.

Retail Jobs

The retail industry is always booming in Arizona and there are a number of well-known companies in the area willing to take on felons and ex-felons.

Lowe’s is a statewide-based home improvement company that is more than happy to take on felons. The only downside is that you may be immediately disqualified if your felony involves the destruction of domestic or public property. Other felony convictions are usually heavily considered.

Goodwill is a statewide employer that is known for its felony friendliness.

You’ll be more than happy to know that the major retail chain Target has started slackening is felony rules. They are now hiring felons and have already recently hired some in the area. With stores statewide, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a position in one of their many departments.

If you do not have any violent or theft convictions, you might be able to get a job at the retail giant Sears.

Restaurant And Hospitality Industry

If you thought the retail sector in Arizona was booming, you haven’t seen anything yet. The restaurant and hospitality industries are just as busy and even so more felony friendly.

Baskin-Robbins has stores statewide and is one of the most popular ice cream vendors in the state. Each franchise does differ in its hiring policies, but you shouldn’t have a problem getting hired on as a felon.

Subway is another restaurant that differs in its hiring policies, but felons are always more than welcome at most outlets.

With stores located statewide and a popular drive-in option, Sonic is always the perfect option for any felon.

Labor And Manufacturing Jobs

The labor and manufacturing industries as just as busy in Arizona and are always in need of employees. Here is a list of companies that are willing to hire felons.

ER2 is located in Mesa, AZ and if you can pass a drug and background check with no prior convictions in the last 7 years, you shouldn’t have a problem getting hired on. The only thing is, you’ll need a background in laptops, desktops, servers, tablets, and phones. However, having this will likely put you way ahead of the competition.

There isn’t much known as Firestone’s hiring policies, but it is known that they are willing to take on felons and ex-felons.

DuPont Co is another one of those companies that vary in their policies, but they are all willing to take on felons.

Transportation Jobs

You learned a little bit earlier about the cab industry. Well, those weren’t the only two transportation companies willing to take on felons. There are currently several transportation companies in Arizona looking to take on the right candidates.

Discount Cab located right in Mesa, AZ will take on felons as long as their convictions are 5 years or older and not related to vehicular offenses

Right, Turn Recruiting is looking to take on anyone that doesn’t have felony convictions newer than 7 years from the date of the conviction.

Intel Logistics will also take on felons as long as they don’t have more than 2 DUI’s lifetime. Drug felonies and misdemeanors are also a big no for the company.

If your conviction is 10 years or older with no drug or alcohol charges, you might be able to get hired on in Phoenix, AZ with Yellow Cab Co.

Staffing And Temp Agencies

World Staffing located in Goodyear, AZ is looking for a forklift operator and will hire felons depending on the date and severity of the conviction.

Cornerstone Staffing Solutions is hiring as long as the conviction is seven years or older.

Labor Ready is hiring, but their policies vary depending on position and company.

Other Jobs For Felons

Allstate Insurance is without a doubt one of the most well-known insurance providers in the country and they have multiple locations in Arizona. What’s even better? They are more than willing to deal with felons.

Budget Rent-A-Car is just as popular if not more popular than any company on this list. And, while their policies vary from store to store, they do have multiple locations in the greater Arizona area.

Dollar Rent A Car might not be as popular as Budget, but they do have multiple locations in Arizona.

JPMorgan Chase is a company that you’ve no doubt heard about. In fact, just about everyone has heard of them and most people use them. The only downside is that if your convictions if newer than seven years, you’ll likely be automatically disqualified for employment.

All Copy Products located in Tempe, AZ is currently hiring felons as long as you’re willing to submit to criminal background checks and don’t have any felonies newer than seven years. None of those felonies can be related to theft either or you’ll be disqualified immediately.

Suddenlink Communications is a popular company in the Sedona area and they are willing to take on felons that don’t have more than two offenses in the past 20 years.

If you want to work at Hauser Investment, INC/ FedEx Ground in Phoenix you’re going to need not have any convictions in the last 10 years.

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