best disposable razors for men

7 Best Disposable Razors for Men with Sensitive Skin

Just about every man has been there at least once before, we wake in the morning, and while getting ready for the day we look in the mirror and see that stubble we need to get rid of but the thought of doing so makes your skin hurt without even touching it yet. Sensitive skin is a terror for men when they have to shave every day. So we are going to take a look at the 7 best disposable razors that men can use to help alleviate that sensitive skin issue.

best disposable razors for men

When it comes to shaving, there are many options out there such as electric, straight razors, and even safety razors but for the bulk of men who shave, it is disposable that has the calling. Electric razors can create havoc on sensitive skin, even with the most expensive and up to date shaving technology. Straight razors do indeed have the best shave out there, but who has the time to maintain one and even more to learn how to use one. I myself have seen too many movies out there and getting a straight razor anywhere close to my neck other than in the hands of a trained professional can give me the absolute willies.

Disposables come in two well knows styles. First would be the cartridge type where you purchase the handle with a few replaceable cartridges and when the blades become dull you just replace the cartridge itself and not the entire handle. This means you can continue to just buy the replacement cartridges as they are required and not have to buy the entire handle assembly. The other is the entire unit is disposable, handle and all and are usually only good for a single or dual time use before they begin to scrape and pull out hair rather than cut it nice and efficiently.

One of the benefits of using the disposable head system is you can keep the handle for long use and just replace the heads as you require them. This does mean you need to keep the handle in good shape to ensure it keeps in good condition long term. Keeping it clean and free of beard debris means any moving parts keep longer and giving the handle a good clean every once in a while ensures it does not get water deposit build in sensitive areas.

Shaving irritates the skin, there is no question about that but many of the long-standing razor companies have taken this into consideration and now they have integrated sensitive skin tech into just about all of the disposable razors out there. We will look deeper into that tech for certain brands and see what may work better for your daily shave, a lubrication strip, or perhaps a fluid reservoir.

Of course, with any disposable product, you have to consider the costs involved each and every time you use them. As with any tool, they have a length of use before they become unusable and need replacing. As is with many items out there, the more you are willing to pay, the better quality you get can also be applied to razors but the blanket statement more is better does not always apply. The cost can affect things in a razor from the number of blades in the head to materials used to create the handle.

Pre Shave Prep

best disposable shaver for sensitive skin

Like with just about anything in life, the better prepared you are, the better the outcome should be. The same goes for shaving and those with sensitive skin can attest to this a lot more than others. When you are going to shave there are a few things to consider before you even break out your shaving tools. Getting your face or your head ready can go a long way to keeping your tools in good standing but also keep your skin in good standing and your face will thank you afterward.

First to begin, if you have not had a hot shower to help open the pores of your skin, then you should spend a short amount of time with a warm towel wrapped around your face. The heat and moisture will help make your beard hairs slightly softer making them easier to cut and it will help them to stand straighter so that you get a good close shave.

Using a good shave cream or a gel is also a must especially on sensitive skin but it is a good idea to see exactly what you are using on your face. A lot of shave products can contain alcohol or other chemicals in their product that can dry out your skin, making the use of the cream or gel do exactly the opposite of what you are wanting it to do and will exacerbate your skin irritation when you shave.

Lastly, if you are like me and tend to get on the lazy side of things, you don’t always shave every day. If you have not shaved for a few days, then it is a good idea to use a trimmer first to manage that scruff. It is said that you should never try and shave off more than two days of growth directly with a disposable blade without giving it a good trim first. This will keep your blades from clogging up quickly and will keep the disposable from pulling out hair instead of cutting it.

7 Best Disposable Razors for Men with Sensitive Skin

So let’s jump right into the 7 best disposable razors for men with sensitive skin.

#1 Gillette Fusion5 Proshield

The name Gillette and shaving go hand in hand like Grandma and apple pie. Gillette has been doing razors for over 100 years and so they have some experience in the matter at hand. If you are not going the straight razor route or the Safety razor then it is pretty hard to beat Gillette’s Fusion Five product line of razors. Featuring 5 anti-friction blades and lubrication technology, it is sure to keep your sensitive skin in good standing as they have developed their own lubrication technology called Polyethylene Glycols that coat the skin both before and after the cut keeping irritation at a complete minimum.

Their FlexBall technology allows the blade head to not only follow facial contours closely but also pivot left and right with helps respond to contours and they claim to get virtually every hair. Each blade also has a Precision Trimmer on the back of the head which can be used for those more difficult to reach areas such as under the nose or can be used to trim facial hair like beards or sideburns keeping everything straight and orderly.

The Fusion5 also have the luxury of being able to use all the different Fusion5 blades that are available through Gillette so if you purchase the Fusion5 Proshield, to begin with, but find you don’t need all the bells and whistles you can essentially downgrade to their Fusion5 basic blades or if you find you need just a little more protection with your sensitive skin then you can switch to the Fusion5 Proshield Chill which will give you an additional cooling sensation to your skin as you shave.

All of these extra features are nice but how does it actually shave? The Fusion5 does have 5 very thin blades that have a blade stabilizer that helps to prevent blade chatter that can give you an uncomfortable shave and mean having to go over areas more than once. The blade stabilizer means you only need one stroke to ensure you have the closest shave possible each and every time. It is also said that due to the manufacturing process of the blades, they last longer than others meaning that one blade refill equals up to one month of shaves.

Performance: the Flexball technology can take some getting used to especially if you are used to standard or less expensive razors but once you have the idea down it is very simple to use and maneuver over your facial contours. Blade changes are simple with the push of a button and the old head is released and then press on the new head and everything is connected up again.

Maintenance: The head is designed for easy cleaning under running water or standing water and a tap on the side of the sink. The head does not have a push cleaner like other blades do have to clear out some of the more stubborn hairs but the blades are spaced enough apart to make cleaning fairly easy.

Quality of Cut: The Fusion5 has 5 blades for that extremely close shave. With their technology in their blades and the stabilizing ability, it is hard to find a closer shave with a disposable.

Comfort Level: The before and after blade lubrication technology is top-notch and will help not only give you a smooth shave but one that your skin will also thank you for.

Affordability: This is not a cheap razor by any means. I would also consider this the top tier of disposable shavers. The initial unit is not cheap but the replacement blades can get very expensive. It is good they last so long, so you don’t need to replace them as often as other brands.


  •    Flexball tech for easy shaving
  •    Sharp and very durable blades
  •    Keeps sensitive skin in good standing
  •    Trimmer as an added bonus


  •    Plenty of gimmicks that may be unnecessary for everyone
  •    Refills are quite expensive


The Fusion5 may be considered the Lamborghini of Disposable blades with all the advanced tech and gimmicks that you can think of for getting stubble off your face. If you are very serious about your shaving and it is not just a chore but part of the beautification process each day then it is worth it to spend the money on the top model. The Fusion5 Proshield will not steer you wrong.

#2 Schick Hydro 5 Sense Sensitive

Schick has also been around for over 100 years and has acquired previous names in the shaving industry for a combined total of about 147 years in shaving. That is a lot of time to perfect the tools of your trade. Their Hydro 5 Sense line of razors take into account those with sensitive skin with 7 hydrating gel pools with 3 different formulas available for various skin types.

The Hydro 5 Sense Razor comes with Shock absorb technology that auto-adjusts depending on how you shave. It will back off if you apply too much pressure and then add pressure when it is needed and is equipped with 5 of their patented Ultra Glide blades for as smooth a cut as possible. These shock absorbers are integrated into the handle of the razor so once you buy one version of the Hydro 5 Sense you can then change the head to any of their different shave types.

Their 7 hydrating pools that help to hydrate your skin with each shave is what is unique to the Hydro line of products. Three different heads are available for the Hydro 5 including Sensitive with herbal extract for additional comfort, Energize with menthol to help wake up tired-looking skin and Hydrate with coconut oil to help keep skin healthy and hydrated throughout each shave.

The Hydro 5 Sense does have an additional gimmick where you can flip back the gel reservoir to give the blades a little closer access to those harder to reach areas such as under your nose. While not as effective as Gillette’s trimmer feature, this does get nice and close to this nose area, so you don’t miss any of those stray hairs under there.

As the name implies, the Hydro 5 Sense does come with 5 of their Ultra Glide blades with skin guards to help control the skin flow and reduce friction during the shave experience.

Performance: The Hydro 5 Sense is a no-nonsense razor that is quite easily manipulated. A push of the button releases the old head and a press onto the new head will attach the new one. The ergonomic handle is quite comfortable and rubber grips mean no slip when using wet hands.

Maintenance: No push button cleaner and the blades are quite close together but there is good access both front and back for running water. Blades may be clogged if you have coarse hair or have not shaved the last few days.

Quality of Cut: The 5 blades when sharp will give you a very close shave but the shock absorber can be hit and miss. Times a second stroke may be needed for those more difficult areas.

Comfort Level The Hydro 5’s 7 reservoirs of sensitive gel help to keep everything in good comfort for shaving.

Affordability: Still a higher-priced razor, this one can get costly when looking for refills but the fact you can choose what type of refill is best for you is a huge bonus.


  •    Good looking razor for those who like fashion in their bathroom
  •    Herbal extract to help reduce irritation available in the Sensitive heads
  •    Flip trimmer for hard to reach areas


  •    Shock absorber may be an unnecessary gimmick
  •    Still in the higher price range


Still a decent razor with some bang for the buck but if the Gillette Fusion5 is the Lamborghini of razors, then this guy would be the Porsche 911. A for sure if you are serious about shaving and worth the money if you are shaving every day like you really need to.

#3 Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Disposable

A step down from the Fusion5 but Gillette’s 3 blade Mach3 series is nothing to snark about. Using the PowerGlide blades and a spring-mounted Pressure-Control system you not only get a good close shave but it helps to adjust to different skin types as well.

The Mach3 does have a pivoting head to allow for some of the harder to reach areas like under the jaw and down to the neck area that does tend to pose a problem for a lot of people with sensitive skin. As the grain of your hair does tend to go in different directions in this area, the pivoting head allows for a closer shave.

A comfort guard before the blades helps to prepare skin for the cut of the blades by massaging and stretching the skin before the blades get to the hair itself and the ergonomic handle makes for a very comfortable shaving experience.

The Mach3 does use an indicator lubrication strip along the top of the head to help indicate when it is time to change your blades. This strip will turn from blue to white when the lubrication is low meaning that it is not helping your sensitive skin any longer and your close shave is no longer optimal.

Performance: A quick push of the button will remove the head and then a light press onto the new head reattaches things for you. The pivoting head means an easy and close shave with each stroke.

Maintenance: No push button to clean out the blades to help prevent it from clogging but the blades are nice and wide enough apart and there is lots of clearance at the back of the head to allow for running water to help clear and blockages.

Quality of Cut: Gillette’s blade technology and the Mach3’s triple blades help make for a good close shave with each stroke.

Comfort Level: the lubrication strip on each head helps with the first few uses but tends to wear out quickly and can leave skin red and irritated if not changes regularly.

Affordability: The Mach3 is the perfect middle of the road razor for those who don’t want to spend too much on their daily grooming but still want a good close shave. Great if you are using it daily and good if you are using it every few days. The Mach3 is like the bread and butter of the shaving circuit.


  • Ergonomic handle for shaving comfort
  • Pivoting head for hard to reach areas
  • Tri-blade close shave


  • Slightly more expensive than other same feature disposables
  • Lubrication strips can wear out quickly especially on rough faces.


A razor for the everyday man. Sold everywhere, compatible with all the different Mach3 heads that are available and at a price that is affordable for both the starter package or for the replacement heads. Pretty hard to go wrong with this guy.

#4 Bic Flex5 Hybrid

While usually when you hear the name Bic you think of lighters and those cheap orange disposable razors, they do also offer a wide range of other products. With over 60 years’ experience in the shaving field, Bic does ensure that all their product does come from their own owned factories to ensure the best quality in their product.

Now you may wonder why a 5 blade razor may come further down the list than a 3 blade and the answer there is pretty simple. For this particular list, we are looking at razors that are beneficial for sensitive skin. While the Flex5 does have a very good 5 blade system, they don’t have too much going on for their lubrication system, especially on a razor that is a little more expensive than others.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Flex5 a decent razor anyway and you can decide how and where it fits in relation to a sensitive skin issue.

Like many of the better disposable razors, the Flex5 Hybrid does have a pivoting head. While it does not rotate as the Fusion5 does, the pivoting head does get to a 40-degree angle meaning the under the jaw area does get good and clear coverage.

Bic places upfront the balancing sphere that is located in the handle of the razor and gives the entire razor a precision balance for that perfect clean shave. Press on this sphere and it will release the blade head, so you change the heads.

The Flex5 Hybrid does also come with a precision blade on the reverse side of the head for those harder to reach areas like under the nose. This blade can also be used as a precision trimmer for beards or sideburns adding an extra level of usability to this razor.

For lubrication, the BIC Flex5 Hybrid does come with the lubrication strip on the top of the head but it seems that none of Bic’s advertising or marketing even recognizes this strip meaning that they don’t place it very high on their list of must-haves. The Flex5 Hybrid does not offer a sensitive blade head for their refills like some of the other companies do.

Performance: The balance sphere adds a good feel to the handle. While the head is easy to remove with the push of the sphere, it can be a little tricky to get the new head to click into place.

Maintenance: The Flex5 does have adequate space between the blades for running water but does not have a system in place to clean the blades of clogs.

Smoothness: The 5 blade system does give you a good close shave which can help to keep the irritability at bay.

Quality of Cut: A 5 blade system. It can get a good close smooth shave with the right technique.

Comfort Level: There is no real focus on the Flex5 Hybrid system to really focus on sensitive skin but the lubrication bar on the head does help. The bar will also change color when the blade has been in use for a bit, showing you when it is a good time to change the head.

Affordability: For a 5 blade system the Flex5 Hybrid is actually kind of middle of the road priced. Not too much more than the Gillette Mach3, it does off a few more gimmicks to their system without too much added cost.


  • Good cost for the features
  • Good balance for a decent shave
  • Well designed blades to minimize nicks and cuts


  • No focused lubrication system for sensitive skin


The BIC Flex5 Hybrid is a decent razor for a decent price if you are looking for a 5 blade disposable system. While there is no focus on lubrication, if you are taking steps to prevent issues like using a warm towel and a good hydrating foam or gel and you are keeping your blades in good standing then there is no reason why you could not choose the Flex5 Hybrid as your daily shaver.

#5 Gillette Sensor3 Simple Disposable Razor

Sometimes you are just looking for simple. It is hard to get more simple than this three-blade razor from Gillette. A completely disposable razor meaning you don’t replace the heads, you throw out the entire assembly and then pick up a new one for the next shave.

As a disposable razor, offing a 3 blade system helps to ensure a good close shave. Gillette has a spring-loaded 3 blade system in their disposable so adjust to the contours of the skin to help give a smooth, close, and comfortable shave.

While still just made of plastic, the handle is shaped to fit nicely in your hands and keep everything comfortable with each stroke of your face to ensure you don’t suffer from shave fatigue.

The Sensor3 Disposable does not have a pivoting head but that does not stop Gillette from featuring that in their marketing, stating that it has a fixed position head for precision shaving. I suppose it will depend on what type of shaver you are and what you are looking for to choose if that is a good feature or not.

A nice addition to any disposable, the Sensor3 does come with a lubrication strip to help keep the irritation away and keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

Performance: A no-nonsense shaver with no bells and whistles. Open the package, shave until the blade is dull, dispose of. Very easy to use.

Maintenance: Blades are a little close together and there is no cleaning system in place so if you have rough stubble or a little more growth then this may clog on your pretty easy.

Quality of Cut: While the tri-blades are sharp it will give a good smooth shave but the blades will wear after a few uses and will be to be rough and pull hairs instead of cutting.

Comfort Level: Lubrication via the lubrication strip is good for the first few uses. This is not meant to be a long term use blade so it will wear out after a few uses and dry out your skin.

Affordability: Inexpensive blade meant for only a few uses or when you are on the road. Not at all recommended for long-term use so replacements will be needed regularly.


  • They are inexpensive to buy and come several in a package
  • 3 blades for a good close shave
  • Lubrication strip to keep sensitive skin at bay


  • They are inexpensive and so don’t last all that long
  • Used blades are very rough and hard on the skin.
  • Lubrication strip wears quickly, sometimes in the first shave


A great blade if you are on the go or don’t want to bring your good one with you if you travel a lot. These can be found just about anywhere and can be used one or two times and then thrown out, so you don’t need to worry about keeping track of where all the extra cartridges are or where you placed the handle.

#6 Schick Slim Twin Sensitive Disposable Razor

A budget razor for those who are on a budget. The Schick Slim Twin Sensitive is a razor ready for business at the lowest price possible.

The Slim Twin is as it sounds, comes with two blades for a smooth, quick shave. It has a narrow head so you can reach some of those hard to reach areas like under the nose.

A rubber gripped handle is included to ensure a no-slip grip with those wet hands.

A new feature not seen on other blades is a push-button cleaner that will help clear out any unwanted clogs between the blades. Push the button and hold, rinse, and clogs are gone.

A lubrication strip loaded with Vitamin E is included with each razor to ensure your sensitive skin does not regret the decision to go with a budget blade.

Performance: Very easy and comfortable to use. The push-button cleaner is straightforward and well-marked on each head.

Maintenance: The push-button cleaner is a great feature on a twin blade razor. Help to keep all clogs and unwanted hairs off the blades as you continue to shave.

Quality of Cut: A twin-blade system gives for a decent shave but you will come out of it feeling more smooth with a more multi-blade system.

Comfort Level: Designed for sensitive skin users as it is implied right in the name. A decent lubrication strip is included in each razor to be sure you avoid the red, irritated skin.

Affordability: Affordable and comes in multipacks, so you have many on hand if needed.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lubrication strip
  • Rubble handle for stability
  • Push-button blade cleaner


  • Two blade system maybe does not cut as close
  • Not a long term solution


A great blade at a great price if you need it for one or maybe 2 uses. Disposable means just throw it out when you are finished and no need to clean or reuse it. The push-button clog remover is a great feature if you have a tendency to get blades clogged easily with more coarse and dense hair.

#7 Schick Quattro You Piece of Mind for Sensitive Skin Disposable Razor

Women shave their legs almost as regularly as men shave their beards, well some of them do, so I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what may be the best disposable razor for legs to go along with the best disposables for Men. Schick does a fully disposable 4 blade razor that is created specifically for sensitive skin.

The Schick Quattro You Piece of Mind for Sensitive Skin Disposable Razor may be one of the best razors for legs and for sensitive skin that you can find out there and if you are in a bind and can’t find any of the other brands listed but can find this one in the women’s section then for sure they will do in a pinch.

Schick’s 4 blade system is in each head ensuring a shave so close you can tell the difference. Four of their SmoothProtect blades ensure fewer cuts and nicks when shaving for the closest shave possible. A compact head also helps to get into some of those hard to reach areas.

The Piece of Mind Razor (the whole name is just too long) also comes with a skin conditioning strip at the top of the head that lays down an aloe-based formula to keep skin hydrated and healthy and the handle is unscented unlike some other women’s shavers to ensure it does not affect sensitive skin.

Performance: Open the package, pull out one shaver, shave. Simple and straightforward. There are no frills or gimmicks on this one.

Maintenance: blades are set pretty close together so if you are indeed trying this one out on your beard and you have a thick stubble, you may find it does clog up. It is intended for lighter female leg hair after all.

Quality of Cut: Four blades does the trick provided they are new out of the package.

Comfort Level: An aloe-based formula helps keep skin hydrated and healthy. Unnecessary scents and other extras are not included to help keep sensitive skin clear of anything that can cause irritation.

Affordability: A four-blade disposable system for the cost of a three-blade. These are well affordable as a single-use disposable blade that caters to sensitive skin.


  • Four blades for a close shave
  • Aloe and lubricant to keep skin in good condition
  • A decent cost for a disposable single-use razor.


  • Well, it is a women’s razor after all.


Schick does some great razors and their focus on men’s beards and heads is just as clear as their thought goes into women’s legs. If you run out of your own disposables and your significant other has these on hand, or you can’t find anything else in the store at midnight then there is no problem using these as your go-to razor. The lime green color is pretty pleasing as well.

Final Thoughts

It is good to know that razor companies out there take sensitive skin into consideration when it comes to their products. With specific products dedicated to ensuring the face is not a total red zone when completing a shave it leaves us with a very good feeling in our hearts, and on our faces. Depending on how much you want to spend on your face there is a blade here for you to keep your shaving a happy time instead of dreading each time you see that stubble in the mirror.

But what about your head? Many men now shave their heads and not only their faces.  How do you choose the best disposable razor for shaving your head? It is just as easy to use the aforementioned list as much of the time head hair is not nearly as difficult to shave as facial hair and even with sensitive skin, you can use any of these products and feel confident that you won’t leave with an overabundance of skin irritation. Just remember to be sure to use the trimmer first so that your blade does not clog up with a lot of long difficult to manage hairs.

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