Can a Felon Get a Cosmetology License

Can a Felon Get a Cosmetology License?

Felons usually have to acquire a new skill to make a living after their incarceration time comes to an end. Some researches show how good of an employee a felon can be. Those who have experience in skincare and overall beauty may want to pursue a new career and become a cosmetologist.

Can a Felon Get a Cosmetology License

In this article, we will cover the issues of whether or not someone who has been incarcerated can get a cosmetology license.

  • What are a cosmetologist and a cosmetology license?
  • What are the requirements to get a cosmetology license?
  • Are there opportunities for felons?
  • What should one do in such a case to get a license?
  • What is a Cosmologist and what do they do?

A person who works as a hairdresser or a stylist is what we call a cosmetologist. Each person in this field of work has a great insight into the beauty business in general. Cosmetologists work with clients who want to:

  • Style, cut, and straighten hair
  • Shape or trim eyebrows
  • Get rid of facial hair
  • Other things cosmetologists often do:
  • Moisturizing and applying beauty products to skin
  • Makeup and makeovers
  • Nail polishing, trimming, and cleaning

Just What is a Cosmetology License?

A cosmetology license is issued only by a state agency for professional practice and is necessary for a person to be called a licensed cosmetologist. A license reveals the necessary skills of a practitioner.

To sum up, a cosmetology license

  • Is only awarded by a licensing government agency
  • Grants legal authority to labor in a specific occupation
  • Requires a specific set of criteria such as a college degree

What Requirements Do You Need to To Get a Cosmetology License?

What Requirements Do You Need to To Get a Cosmetology License?

Each state sets a different set of requirements. Usually, the minimum age requirement is between 16 and 18 years of age. First, you need to apply for a board-approved training program. To allow that, most states require an applicant to have a school diploma.

To obtain a cosmetology license, you must complete all of the state requirements. You might even need to apply for a licensed beauty school and complete all work required.

The final step is passing a cosmetology exam which is held by a specific state.

It does not matter what state you are in, you are required to have a state license and must complete a state-approved cosmetology college or school, as well as pass the final exam. The cosmetology license program usually requires 1500 hours of work time and instructions.

The cosmetology license exam usually includes the following tests:

  • Written theory procedure exams
  • Cosmetology skills or practical test
  • State regulations written test

The required cosmetology programs may be taught in some schools, depending on the state you live in. Community colleges usually also have the necessary practical and theoretical courses to help you become an experienced cosmetology applicant. If you graduate from one of these programs you will earn a diploma, certificate, or an associate’s degree.

A cosmetology license will allow you to practice in these areas:

  • Manicuring
  • Esthetics
  • Eyelash extension
  • Hair weaving

Earning a certificate from schools usually takes from 9 to 15 months. The good thing is these programs cover all necessary theory and practical work to become a licensed cosmetology practitioner.

Can a Felon Get a Cosmetology License?

Is There An Opportunity For Felons?

As mentioned above, each state has a different set of requirements. The requirements mentioned in the papers say almost nothing about criminal activities.

Typically, earning a cosmetology license is focused on the hard work and practice you have done, not your criminal past and convictions. However, a state reserves the right to deny a license to someone who has been convicted at one point in his or her life. Not to worry beforehand, because this usually depends on the nature of a crime.

When applying for a cosmetology license, each applicant is required to go through an individual process on a case-by-case basis. This is a good thing because small crimes are often overlooked, meaning licenses are being granted easily. If a past felon applies for a certificate, the board considers:

  • Crime nature
  • Crime severity
  • Crime recency
  • Rehabilitation displays
  • Other factors like prior crimes

Once again, the board reserves the right to deny or approve a license after reviewing an individual case.

It is very important, to be honest when applying for a cosmetology license. If a person tries to hide his or her crimes, it will come up in a background check sooner or later. This is a punishable offense and constitutes fraud. It is a heavy crime to falsify an application. This can land a person back in jail for a pretty long time.

Many types of research reveal how having commitment, courage and dedication has helped prior felons earn a fully legal cosmetology license and make a comfortable living in this field of work.

There are drug treatment, educational opportunities, and re-entry programs that have helped felons become free of their addictions.

What is a viable course of action?

There is nothing to be ashamed of in being a felon. We are human beings and make mistakes from time to time. If a state views your crimes as non-threatening to the public, you will likely not be denied an opportunity to work as a fellow cosmetologist.

Working through disadvantages can be an extremely tough challenge. Seeking help and support from family is something you should consider. A felon should not be defied by his or her past crimes. Everyone should be given a chance to begin a new career life.

You can search on the internet all day but you will not find specific information concerning your crime and a cosmetology license. Even if you have committed a crime in the past, nothing is stopping you from becoming a certified cosmetologist.

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