Jobs For Felons In Colorado

Are you a felon looking for a good job in Colorado? The good news is that Colorado is a liberal state meaning many employers here are willing to work with felons. Nevertheless, you have to be very careful when applying for jobs since some will not and you may end up wasting your time.

You’ll also want to find a job that works for your lifestyle and personality. Whether you’re interested in becoming a trucker, retail worker, or salesperson, you’ll be able to find something that excited you. Below, you’re going to learn more about some of the jobs for felons in Colorado.

Jobs for Felons in Colorado

  • Customer Service

No matter what a company does, they’re going to run into problems at some point. The company may ship something different to the customer or the item may not be in stock. This can lead to problems and the customer will complain immediately.

With that being said, the company needs to calm the customer’s concerns. This is why they will have a customer service department. If you are hired in this line of work, you will work with customers and solve their problems. This can be a rewarding job and you’ll communicate with people from around the world.

If this job interests you, it is time to learn about some of the customer service jobs in Colorado and the companies that will hire felons. First and foremost, you should learn more about Qualfon since the company is hiring a customer service specialist in Fort Collins.

You’ll need to smile when speaking with customers and you must be passionate about helping. If you work hard, your efforts will pay off in the long run.

As a customer service specialist with this company, you can earn as much as $12 to $18 an hour and you’ll get benefits including 401k, dental insurance, life insurance, and medical insurance. If you’re not a good fit for Qualfon, you should move on to Adecco.

This company is hiring a customer service representative in Colorado Springs. By working for this company, you may be able to earn as much as $37,000 each year!

Adecco offers generous benefits including insurance, paid holidays, referral bonuses, and a 401k. Furthermore, you’ll receive pay weekly. As long as you have a GED or high school diploma, you can work for this company.

  • Call Centers

Working in a call center is similar to being a customer service representative. You’ll work in a comfortable environment with other call center representatives. You’ll help customers solve their problems. It might be a billing issue or a problem with the customer’s service.

Either way, it is your job to put the problem to bed. If you want to work as a call center representative, you will be able to find many jobs in Colorado. One that you should not ignore is MBA Consulting Services in Denver. This company is looking for qualified inbound call center representatives.

However, this position may not be right for everyone since extensive experience is needed. The applicant needs at least 4 to 6 years of experience. Having an undergraduate degree will boost your lands of getting the job as well. Nevertheless, this is a good job for felons with some experience and training in the field. Alternatively, you’ll want to apply for the call center sales associate job at Hire Connections in Centennial, Colorado.

The salary for this position ranges from $23,700 to $34,500. The company offers excellent benefits including insurance and a 401k plan. The company has more than 50 years of staffing experience. This job is a good choice for applicants who want to learn more about camping and RV products.

You’ll also need to have good problem-solving skills and be able to make quick decisions. The company has an on-site basketball court, the dress code is business casual, and employees get free coffee and sodas during their shifts.

  • Consultant

Being a consultant can be fun and exciting. There are many types of consultants meaning you can work with various companies and complete many different tasks. Colorado companies consistently hire consultants for various purposes. For instance, you may be able to get a consultant job with an insurance company or a financial company.

This career will prove to be fruitful and fulfilling. If you’re interested in becoming a consultant in Colorado, you should check out MPA AA. This firm is hiring a damage consultant in Grand Junction.

The company is interested in hiring self-motivating people who have excellent people skills. A good thing about this job is the fact that you don’t need any experience whatsoever. And, you won’t have to travel far either.

As a damage consultant, you’ll need to inspect the client’s property once it has been damaged. Then, you’ll report this information to insurance companies. The company claims that you can never be laid off as long as you’re willing to work.

If you like solving problems and earning money, you’ll want to consider becoming a territory sales consultant. Critter Control Operations is hiring in Colorado Springs. As a territory sales consultant, you’ll need to help the company increase sales while generating new accounts in your respective territory.

Applicants must be energetic, proactive, creative, and outgoing. It is important to have attention to detail too. This company offers good benefits including paid vacation, employee discounts, a 401k plan, and more.

You’ll need to know how to use a ladder and you must be able to lift 75 pounds.

  • Salesman

Do you have a knack for selling products? If so, you could get a job as a salesman or saleswoman. Almost all brick-and-mortar corporations, companies, and organizations hire felons specifically for sales. You may not even need previous experience to get hired on with one of these companies.

If you have any knowledge about vehicles, Larry H. Miller Toyota in Boulder, Colorado is hiring. The dealership is continuously hiring for its sales department. If you live in or around Boulder, you should apply in person LHM. It is a great place to work and the pay is pretty good as well.

Allstate is also hiring for its sales department. The firm has a history of paying decent wages but you will need at least one year of experience in sales to get hired. If you reside in or around Denver, it wouldn’t hurt to submit your application to Allstate.

Allstate has many locations throughout Colorado. So, there should be one near where you live. The insurance firm is open to hiring convicted felons who are trying to leave their criminal pasts behind.

  • Airline Gate Agent

Southwest Airlines hires thousands of workers throughout the United States. While the company is experiencing slowdowns due to the coronavirus, it is still hiring. Even if you have a felon on your criminal record, Southwest will hire you if your resume meets their needs. The company is currently hiring gate agents for hourly pay.

  • Military Officer

There is not a more rewarding job than a military officer. The U.S. Army works with offenders to help them turn their lives around. You can apply for this position online at the U.S. Army official website. Once you submit your application, an appointment to meet a recruiter will be scheduled for you. This is the first step to making your life better.

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