Jobs For Felons In Idaho

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Sometimes you just make a terrible decision that ends up turning completely bad. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that life can be tough. This is especially true if you are trying to garner employment with a felony record.

Luckily, there are companies out there still willing to take on felons. And, some of these companies are located in Idaho. Below, you will learn about their companies, what they have to offer, and what they may require before employment.

Companies That Hire Felons In Idaho

There are a number of reputable companies in Idaho that are willing to take on felons and ex-felons. While there are positions within these companies available, there are some that won’t be available to felons. You also have to remember that it is the time and severity of your felony that is going to play the biggest role.

  • Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is one of the most recognized names in the hotel industry. They not only have a number of hotels located throughout the state of Idaho, but they are more than willing to take on felons and ex-felons.

They don’t have a problem attracting guests, as they promise some of the lowest rates in the industry or the stay is free. Finding and maintaining gainful employment with this company won’t be a problem.

  • UPS

When it comes to delivery, you simply won’t find a more reputable or recognized company than UPS. And, the best part is that they are always willing to take on felons. Being one of the largest package companies in the world, you won’t have a problem finding a number of available positions.

  • Two Men And A Truck

People are always relocating to the state of Idaho, and this is exactly where you can help out. With Two Men and a Truck, you can get a job helping individuals restart their lives in a new and exciting environment. They are one of the fastest0growing franchises in the country and have a number of reputable locations throughout Idaho.

Jobs For Felons In Idaho

There are currently a number of jobs available up and down the state of Idaho that is willing to take on felons. Just remember that each unique case is different. Some companies might scrutinize you more, while others are more might be more relaxed.

  • TownePlace Suites By Marriott

TownePlace Suites By Marriott is a hotel company that offers spacious suites with a full kitchen to guests from all over the world. They offer weekly and monthly rates for anyone looked for an extended stay. Every morning you can also get a complimentary hot breakfast and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi during your stay.

These suites are specifically designed to provide people with everything they need to keep living life uninterrupted. And, that is exactly what they are offering in employment as well. The company is always looking for night clerks as well as maintenance staff.

Retail Jobs For Felons

  • Walgreens

 Being one of the largest drug retailing chains in the United States, any felon won’t have a problem getting hired on with Walgreens. Of course, there might be some restrictions and careful thought about any candidate that has prior drug felony charges. The companies have retail stores all across Idaho and are always looking to take on clerks and stocking staff.

  • Kelly-Moore

It is nature and architecture that Kelly-Moore is passionate about. They offer a color palette that complements a range of life and décor styles. All their products come available in a variety of colors, designs, and styles so you won’t have a problem peddling them up and down Idaho.

The paints are quality tested and specifically designed to help maintain excellent interior quality without sacrifice performance.

Transportation Jobs

  • Route Sales Driver

With the ability to start out making as much as $14 to $16 an hour, you won’t have a problem turning this job into a career. Located in Lewiston, ID, Blue Ribbon is a well-established company that is always willing to take on felons. You must, however, be 21 years of age with a valid state driver’s license.

  • CDL B Bus Driver – Paid Training

Student Transportation of America is a company that is always growing and they are currently seeing a safe driver to transport children to and from school every day. You’ll get the benefit of working on an established route along with the change for extracurricular runs like sports events and field trips.

The company will require an in-depth background check along with pre-employment drug and alcohol screening, but they are more than open to hiring felons.

  • Package Delivery Driver

Whether it is seasonal or full-time employment that you are looking for, you won’t have a problem finding it with the UPS Center located in Twin Falls, ID. You must be willing to work eight or more hours per day and be able to lift anywhere from 25 to 35 pounds.

You will be provided company uniforms and a work truck, but employment opportunities may vary depending on your felony charge. You must have a valid driver’s license.

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